Can't Lose

Ello Ft. Brianna Colette

Ello Ft Brianna Colette - Can't Lose
Unique textures, beautiful melodies and energetic vibes for a single that’s memorable and fresh from the moment you hit the play button. “Can’t Lose” is another stunning collaboration between the prolific DJ Ello and the ever so talented Brianna Colette. It is quite obvious that these two artists hit it off quite well in the studio, because every time they set out to do something together, they come out with something rad and magical. “Can’t Lose” will captivate you from day one. One of the most amazing things about this song is the balance between the vocal lines and the melodic textures, and it is quite amazing how everything locks in so well with the beats. Whether you are a big fan of electronic music, or you simply love the power of a good chorus, this one is the right mix for you.
I Can't Lose Official Music Video
I Can't Lose Official Music Video
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