January 2017 – A New Era Begins

As I set the stage for a new era in my life and move on from the toxicity of the past years. At this time in my life i’m making a major transition of moving back home with the familiar surroundings, my family and close friends. I moved back home to the place I belong in the big apple from the beautiful state of Colorado. So I began reflecting on how vital time really is. Every second wasted is a second no amount of money or power can buy back or regain. The cliche’ saying was constantly playing back in my head over and over again.  I recall my old school teachers and my father always saying you can be whatever you want to be as long as you put your mind to it.  I then had to make the big trip back to my favorite state of Colorado to recover my belongings and actually complete the task at hand of making the full move back to New York.

Beautiful Boulder, Colorado

As I make my way out of Colorado Springs I stop and take a moment to enjoy the natural beauty of this great state.

Picture from the Garden of the Gods facing Pikes Peak – Colorado Springs, Colorado

I am about to turn the page on another year of my life and I came to the realization that no one person in my life can define who I am and alter the path that I want to stay true with and that was predestined for me. Until the blinders are off and I self reflect, It is impossible to see that the “sky is truly the limit.” Actually let me say this… Is there really a limit because then that means I have an end and I believe that the universe and more is where I am headed. The sky is just an understatement. This is my year to shine and build within all the dreams I always festered inside and yet never let grow or evolve. I always knew I was talented but I can know something and yet not feel it within or believe in myself like others believed in me. My heart and my soul has always been in producing music and creating artwork with sounds for the world to enjoy. My dream was to have everyone feel how I feel when I make magic with music….

Come join me on this journey…. together!

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