Beautiful Miami Beach


March 2017 WMC

I gotta say, I do love New York and am always happy to be back in the Big Apple.  Although I wish I can freeze time and never leave Miami.  The amazing sunny days on the beach with all the beautiful women in bikinis, to the strolling down Collins and seeing the retro landmarks that makes Miami so vibrant and full of life.  To the unforgettable nights at the best clubs such a Club Eleven, LIV, Space, Nikki Beach, RC cola factory and more.  I had the chance to listen to some of the best talent in the industry like Eric Prydz, Above and Beyond, Steve Aoki and so many more.

Video of Above & Beyond at RC Cola Factory

There is always such a special energy that surrounds Miami this time of year during WMC and Miami music week.

Downtown, Miami

I met some amazing people and made some great connections while I was down in the sunshine state.  One person in particular, Scott Little of the Life Flip Empire, with such a great energy, enthusiasm and love for the music.  I had the opportunity to be a part of the movie premiere of “Electric Heart” that he produced.  This movie was phenomenal and truly one of a kind.

Scott Little and I at the premier of “Electric Heart”

Another person I met was Ed Unger of Blue Sounds Studios, awesome guy, also great energy, very intelligent and an endless knowledge of the music business.  I had a gut feeling this would not be the last time we’d be speaking.

Music Industry Professionals including Ed Unger on the far right.

I had the perfect balance of work and play in the City that may sleep but definitely knows how to party!  The trip couldn’t have been at a better time as New York was covered in snow while I was in an abyss of sunshine and miles of pristine beach landscape.  What will April bring I am contemplating in my mind right now because this is a tough one to top!

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