Ello first got involved with Techno, Trance, and House as a teen. He was part of a new music scene that was about to take off. From parties to underground clubs Ello got involved in the sound and then the community. The same space of unity and respect that brought together ravers and club seekers encouraged new artists.

Ello started because he wanted to create that space which first got him into the scene.  His passion brought him from underground and industrial clubs to the legendary NYC venues “Limelight” and “Tunnel.” Ello’s heart-pounding beats helped him become a prominent DJ in the underground scene during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. 

Since then, Ello continues to create the same sounds that inspired his love of music. Fusing sounds from early trance and today’s EDM, Ello gets past and present together for a hybrid sound. His music keeps evolving to bring the same feeling he fell in love with to listeners today.

In 2011 Ello transitioned from DJ to Producer when he earned a degree in Audio Engineering at Five Towns College. Already with years of training in music he started producing in 2010. Ello has since cumulated 9 years of experience producing and crafting his ever-evolving sound. He aims to push his creative boundaries and bring a fusion of sound to the dance floor.

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