New Paradigm EP


Ello - New Paradigm
A collection of songs where melodies and rhythms intertwine perfectly. Ello is a music producer with a focus on creating exciting electronic dance music. His production style blurs the lines between progressive house and techno, making for a very edgy, yet melodically nuanced approach. The track list features 4 original songs, with a very seamless flow, leading to a very engaging listening experience. The beats are firm and present, with a rich sense of low-end and a lot of depth. In addition to that, the melodies are very easy to relate to. Ello is a master at coming up with rich, multi-layered sounds that have a stark, groundbreaking flow. The pace of the release is impeccable, maintaining an electrifying twist through and through. Opening number “Blissfully” has a very uplifting tone, with elating melodies and structural change. The second song, “Funkatron” has got a darker vibe, with massive synth sweeps and pumping bass. The arrangement is almost 3D, bouncing out of the speakers and straight into your chest. The title track, New Paradigm begins with a more minimalistic approach, allowing the beat to lead the track. The keyboard sounds lead with a rather sweet old-school vibe. The bass tones are distorted and direct, adding a lot of vibe to this release. Emergence is far from your average banger, and in fact it brings the progressiveness of the arrangement to the next level, wrapping up this release in style. These tracks truly hit the mark, with excellent production aesthetics and forward-thinking sonic ideas. The songs provide the perfect balance between melody and rhythm, making for a really entertaining, yet rich listening experience. If you like classic prog house vibes, this release has got you covered with so many great vibes. From pumping bass lines, to dreamy soundscapes and great drops, you’ll find all the great show-stoppers of an amazing EDM production. EP release, “New Paradigm” is a four track EP of non vocal electro and progressive house with influences of my trance roots.
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