You Love Me Anyways

Ello Ft. Brianna Colette

Ello Ft Brianna Colette - You Love Me Anyways
A collaboration where great melodies blend in with clever production aesthetics and many groundbreaking ideas. DJ Ello has long been praised for his versatility, and for his remarkable ability to turn any idea into a powerhouse of musicality, melody, and groove. His most recent studio release, “You Love Me Anyways,” is yet another powerful example of his creativity and excellence. In terms of production, this release hits the mark with a lush, pristine, yet dense and atmospheric sound, which combines spot-on compositional ideas, with a lot of openness. The collaboration with Brianna Colette is absolutely vital, as the two set out to achieve a perfect sense of chemistry, which allows the release to burst to life. Brianna’s warm and sultry vocals are a perfect match to DJ Ello’s fantastic instrumentals, and the combination is truly heavenly. Ello featuring Brianna Colette presents “You Love Me Anyways”! Available on all digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.
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