August 2017 – Work Grind & Upstate Getaway

Time does not stand still as the old saying goes, life is always on life terms.  With that always being a steady constant, I knew that in order to accomplish my ultimate goal to release my music I had to perfect and master my tracks to get all the kinks out.  It turns out that Atlantic City was the final piece to the puzzle connecting with DJ Cova.  Up until this point i’ve had everything i’ve needed to make great music but the final piece was working with a great engineer that I could build a relationship with and trust.  Cova is a highly esteemed, renown producer / audio engineer who has worked with some of the best artists in the world to develop masterpieces.  I then began working with DJ Cova to polish my music collection set forth for release while continuing to develop and perfect my sound.

August continues at the same pace as July, booked on DJ jobs every weekend. Finally on the last weekend of summer the event I always look forward to the annual family luau. It is a get together of family and friends that my immediate family host every summer for the past 4 years. It is an event that I always look forward to every year.  No matter how real my career gets I will always stay humble and return here to NY to DJ for my family and friends!

The luau is a success as always, we had a turn out of up to 200 people. Next was getting away for a few days to wrap up the summer.  Like some of the greatest authors in the world of writing I followed their lead and escaped to my parents mountain house up in the catskill Mts NY by Hunter Mountain to remove myself from all the distractions of my current environment and take myself off the grid.  I brought along my best friend, one of my biggest believer in my work to accompany me.  The plan was to adventure during the day and work on tracks in the evening.  We went zip lining, water tubing and on quading excursions during the day.  I was able to make much needed progress on my music tracks and came up with new insightful ideas.

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