June 2017 – Libera Music Awards & Trip to Vegas

So I officially turn the page and enter into a brand new year of my youth.  I am eager to find out if this year is going to remain at the same amazing pace as the last year.  I have accomplished so much in such a short span this past year of my life.  Each day I awake, I remain in the moment and soak up all that is offered on this plate of life.  From new business ventures and connections to some of the top artist / producers in my opinion to the chillest vacations and so much more I just can’t get enough.  To start out June I get the invite from the beautiful and very talented Laura Powers that I originally connected with in Miami for WMC to join her to the A2IM Libera Music Awards at the Playstation Theater.  Of course I could not say no.  Turned out to be a good times and got the opportunity again to network with some amazing people in the music industry and aside from attending with Laura I also seen some other familiar faces from when I was in Miami.

Playstation Theater, New York, New York

So at this point the summer just begun and then I get an invite from an old friend to accompany him to the infamous SIN CITY.  The place where the DJs who “made” it are now “making” it in this very place.  Of course I had to check a few more legendary Vegas clubs off my list like Omnia, Hackasan, XS, Encore Beachclub and Surrender.

I had the opportunity to see Nervo, Borgeous, A-Trak and Bruno Mars while in town.

Then ironically again like it was a sign from above Scott Little had relocated his Lifeflip Empire temporarily out of Las Vegas.  So as you could expect we had to link up and had a few good nights out on the town while I was in Vegas.

While attending the clubs I realized I was surrounded by eager and hungry listeners like myself.  I begin to fantasize when i’ll have the opportunity to one day be looking out from behind the escalated platform spinning my newest tracks for the thousands in attendance….. Sky is the Limit!

Eugene & I at the Cisco Conference. Mandolay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

Finally at the end of the day I have to show my gratitude to my awesome buddy Eugene for giving me the opportunity to join him to Sin City for the Sisco conference.  He has been long time friend and had worked with me in years past doing lighting along side of me DJing for the love of the party.

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