January 2019

So the new year is here and I am so excited for it. I have been training, developing my techniques and crafting my sound and style. I have so much new music that has me so inspired! 

This month always seems to be a slow month of the year and its the perfect time for my two favorite things in life. Some extra studio sessions working on music and snowboard getaways.  Of course music is my passion and so is snow boarding.  Some people like the beach and the hot summer sun. I tend to love the Snow and cold slopes on the gnarliest mountains. Not that I don’t like a hot beach but there is just something special about getting on top of a huge mountain in the middle of the woods and shredding down at 50mph. I get my nature outdoors fix while getting a great work and adrenaline fix. 

I took a trip to Killington Vermont to start my Snowboarding Season off light and get my feet wet.  I then followed that trip up with another trip to the infamous Park City Utah for the Sundance film festival and some of the best slopes on the West Coast USA!  

Off the slopes we attended a private pop up event. I had the chance to network with some very talented people – Film producers, actors and more. We connected and spoke about their upcoming endeavors as I shared mine. What an awesome start to the year to get the creative juices flowing for what I believe to be an incredible year ahead.

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