Top of the Flat Irons in Boulder Colorado


March 2018

As March comes to a wrap I can’t help but start to feel excitement for the upcoming spring and summer season.

I have been putting weekly studio work in consistently now for coming up on a year. Yea I’ve been producing music for 8 years but it’s never been this serious and at this pace.  So I stress to all the importance of creating that balance in your life between work and recovery as I still strive to find the right balance. Give time for fitness, give time for reading/personal growth and meditation as it is so crucial to success. Creating the consistent habits for success to live by. Early March my close friend and I head off to the state of Colorado to explore. If you are an outdoors person; hiking, skiing mountain kind of person, Colorado is surely a state to add to your bucket list as I feel like it’s one of my favorite states to either live or spend time in aside from New York, Cali, and lastly Florida.

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